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@DiannaAgron Once a ballerina, always a ballerina? This one’s for you Mom. Photo by @druidDUDE 

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I feel as if I go to Africa, I may never come back. I’m just going to live with the animals and adopt an elephant, and it’s going to be my friend.

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Once a month, try something you don’t think you’d be good at. You can find such happy surprises.

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Well I’ve also kind of noticed that, whatever energy that you put out, is kind of the energy that you receive. And so people are just really lovely and kind and soft spoken with me.

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chordover Now one with Lady Di @diannaagron

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diannaagron Back in my trailer. Back in her dresses…

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marksalling Reunited with my little ook. @diannaagron #season6 #quick #sceneshredding

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